Dr Panelatti is a highly trained and compassionate psychologist with years of experience in psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults. 

Her background in education has made her an expert in working with children and adolescents. She understands the challenges that young people face and is committed to helping them navigate their academic, emotional and psychological well-being, in the context of their unique family dynamics. Dr Panelatti recognises the role that family and socio-cultural contexts play in personal and relationship issues, and she addresses these factors in her treatment plan, offering guidance and support to families, parents and individuals.

Dr Panelatti is skilled in both individual and couples counselling, and uses evidence-based therapies and a solution-focused approach to help her clients overcome a range of issues, including anxiety; depression; bereavement; trauma; substance abuse; addiction; stress; work-related concerns; and family and relationship problems.

Dr. Panelatti believes in creating a safe and supportive environment where clients can feel empowered to address the issues that are hampering their self-actualisation.

She takes a collaborative approach, working closely with her clients to develop personalised treatment plans that meet their unique needs and goals. 

She is fluent in English, Afrikaans, and Italian, and offers in-person and online sessions to cater to her clients' needs.

Psychometric Assessments 

One of Dr Panelatti’s specialist skills is in the field of psychometric testing. Her psychometric assessment packages include pre-interviews, comprehensive assessments, feedback, and recommendation reports. The following packages are available:

School Readiness Assessment

These tests determine a child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical readiness for formal education. 

General Scholastic Assessment

This assessment determines and addresses factors that may impede the realisation of a child’s full academic potential. The factors range from developmental delays and ineffective learning strategies to learning difficulties, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiery, and depression.

Subject Choice Assessment

This assessment provides a holistic profile of a learner’s intellectual ability, aptitude, personality and interests. The profile helps learners to choose subjects that are in line with their academic potential and career interests. 

Career Choice Assessment

Career counselling provides feedback that allows individuals to choose careers which match their intelligence, aptitude, interests, personality and values, so that career success and satisfaction can be optimised. It can benefit learners who need to make tertiary education decisions, as well as individuals who wish to change their career paths.

Study & Academic Enhancement 

These sessions guide learners and students through a learning development programme that addresses factors related to academic performance. The programme explores the negative effects of stress and anxiety, and adopts a solution-focused approach to learning that aims to enhance motivation, time management, goal-setting, productivity, study strategies, learning styles, and self-confidence.

Workshops (In Person or Online)

Face-to-face and online workshops can be requested for different ages/groups, in a range of contexts, from private to corporate. Contact Dr Panelatti for more information, or browse through the menu to see the different options.


Fixed fees are charged according to medical aid tariffs.